30 April 2014, Wednesday

Sitting at the terrace of Solar Montes Claros on the 7th day of a 22-day trip.  Finally inspired to write in this little pink notebook.  There’s something magical about this place that just connects to my soul.  It must be the Alhambra standing strong against the perfect sky He painted.

alhambra-viewI have been sitting out here for hours in the freezing night.  Soaking in this precious moment, breathing in every single fresh cold air.

Solar Montes Claros, the same beautiful place I stayed 4 years ago.  Antonio was so welcoming and invited me to “my room”, the Saba.  It’s the only room in this B&B which is a duplex, with TV, kitchen and most importantly, with an awesome  view of the Alhambra. Solar Montes Claros is a hidden gem but I have to warn you…it’s a tough climb up the slopes and stairs to your room.

I have always felt connected with Granada, as though it’s my second home.  Never at once I felt like I am in a foreign land.  Never mind I got lost in some of the narrow streets, but never did I feel afraid.  Must be the people whom I met at the restaurants and shops who would wave at me the next time I see them.  Like long lost friends reconnected.  And I indeed made some great friends here.

Barcelona and Madrid have their individual charms but they don’t actually managed to tug the strings of my heart. Will write more about the trip soon..catching up on my sleep!


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