26 April 2014, Saturday

We flew in to Madrid from Barcelona via Vueling.  Unlike Barcelona’s airport, there isn’t any direct bus to the city area. Be sure to check the estimated fare at the taxi counter.

As much as I am a city girl, I still could not adapt to Madrid’s crowd. The moment we entered Puerta del Sol, my travel partner was taken aback at how busier it was than Barcelona.  Our apartment was conveniently located opposite the square and 2 mins from Plaza Mayor.


27 April 2014, Sunday

The next morning we took the Metro down to Bernabeu Stadium. Santiago Bernabeu station was exceptionally quiet with no station officers except us and 2 Korean guys who were in the same train as us.  While exiting the ticket gantry, I notice a group of local teenagers. Nihla has not exited from the gantry.

The girls approached me requesting me to sign a petition. I firmly declined. But in a split second, more girls came nearer to me. I felt something was not quite right. It was when one of the Korean man who was about to exit from the station, shouted at the girls “Get away from the lady, you thief! You stole my money yesterday!” It was then that I realise that one of them was trying to find my bag. Thankful for the cold spring. I had my sling bag under my jacket. Alhamdulillah. Saved yet again. Only God knows how thankful we were.

I prefer my visit to Camp Nou Stadium 4 years ago.  But who would leave Bernabeu Stadium (19 Euros) without any souvenirs from their official shop.  It’s a must visit for Madrid fans.


Palacio Real (10 Euros / 16 Euros with other exhibitions) – It was my second visit so I didn’t enjoy it 🙂 But it’s definitely a touristy thing to do.

Retiro Park is the place to wind down and avoid the city’s crowd.  Bring your own snacks and drinks for a simple picnic! There are cafes and restaurants in the park. We spent 2 hours strolling in the park.

retiro parkSuch a pity that we didn’t have time to travel down to Toledo. So near yet so far.  Next time perhaps? Be sure to have your Hot Chocolate and churros!



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