A tourist in Granada


Heart flutters at the mention of it. (ignore me)

30 April 2014, Wednesday

The day I have been counting down to!  Our driver fetched us from the train station (10 Euros, booked with Solar Montes Claros). Driving through the narrow streets, uphill and downhill…brought so many fond memories with my best friend. She’s leaving for Australia a week after I come back…sadness.

alhambra21 May 2014, Thursday

Being in Granada without visiting the Alhambra is like being in Paris without seeing the Eiffel. I remembered passing by one of the Tourist Information counters and hearing a tourist sheepishly begging “You know what I want…the Alhambra tickets…please” The staff replied “You know we’ve sold all tickets sir. I am so sorry.”


We booked 2 months in advance and yet the morning slot is fully taken. So we had to go in the afternoon. I personally prefer it to be in the morning so that you can spend more time and avoid the afternoon sun especially in summer. Once you have decided on your date, please book the tickets via Ticket Master. Take note of your Nasrid Palace entry time and don’t miss the half hour window given.

Pack a spare memory card for your camera. The Alhambra and its surroundings is a gigantic photo studio. I always wonder how other tourists managed to snap photos without being photobombed. Mine always ended up with people’s backs in the background.

Like anywhere else, read up on the history of Alhambra before visiting. Coming in with knowledge, you would see Alhambra in a different light. If you need an expert, check out Al Andalus Experience. Otherwise, get the audio guide at the counter before entering. Take your time, don’t rush and get immersed in the historic trail.

Anyway, we went to Alhambra through the backdoor. It was easier than my first hike there. To go to town from the Alhambra, just walked down the hill. Easy! But ok we got lost on our way back home from Plaza Nueva. Thinking we could figure out the shortcut route. Nay! But if you are tired, you can always hop on their reliable mini buses 31 and 35 (1.20 Euros)


If you love cooking, get their very affordable yet high grade saffron from spice shops located near the Granada cathedral. You can find shops selling Arab/Moroccan lamps, ceramic serveware and many others in Alcaiceria (Arab Market). If you are a shopaholic and need boutiques, yes there are H&M, Zara and such in Gran Via de Colon.

Be lost, explore  🙂 Just don’t lose your cool!


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