Bye Granada (for now)

3 May 2014, Saturday

I stayed up a little later than usual.  Staring at the Alhambra, the white washed houses and the tiny streets of Albaicin/Albayzin.  Some streets were brightly lit, I could see people strolling down the slopes. Trying to process as many images as I could of this lovely town in my head. Praying I will never forget these sights.

The truth is, I couldn’t sleep. Somehow missing home and the familiar laughter and bickering. And one thought has been in my mind even while planning for this trip…our upcoming journey from Ronda to Algeciras to Tarifa to Tangiers. Taxi-Train-Coach-Ferry. Praying it will be one smooth journey.

Antonio took time to share with us his journey to Morocco many years ago.  “You will love it!” he assured me. It was hard to say goodbye to a friend and the lovely home I am so familiar with. Felt heaviness in my heart.

We are heading to Ronda today, a place I’ve never been to.  Adventure awaits. Excited. Nervous.

I’ll be back, Granada.


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