Journey to Sahara

Can’t help but wonder how much I will miss this journey.  Only a week left in Morocco, but at the same time, missing home. Woes of a traveller.  (Lying down on my favourite sofa by the window, overlooking the courtyard in Riad Ahlam).

9 May 2014, Friday

8am – we bid goodbye to Kasim and Fathiah. Looked around the riad, trying to capture as much images as I could, hoping these images would forever etch in my mind.

Passing through Midelt (known for apples) towards the desert, we drove by Swiss of Morocco (Ifran). It does look like Europe – the way the trees are lined up and the architectural design of the houses. Snow capped mountains and some green coated ones, the mid atlas, sheep and shepherds, etc. I was too engrossed and too awed, I didn’t take any photo.  Sometimes, I just want to feel my presence in the “now” reality, instead of looking through the camera lens.


The camera could not capture what the eyes could see.  The eyes could not see what the heart sees and feels. Words that came through my mind when I thought of my family.  Dad would love it here.  And the brother would capture far more beautiful images.

Past 3pm, the first glimpse of the sahara – orange dunes, which look like mountains from afar.


For the first time in my life, I saw a mirage (a true city girl huh?)!  Clouds – closest to them when we are in the plane. But ironically, today, I felt closer to these cotton candy in the skies.  Shadows of the clouds reflected on the empty desert. A beauty beyond description, MasyaAllah. I will miss this empty vast space.  How blessed is this land.


It’s only my sixth day in Morocco, but I’ve picked up quite a collection of new words.  Perhaps if I stay here for a month, I would be able to converse well in Arabic and Moroccan Arabic?

It’s true, what people say, travelling expand one’s horizon.  It exposes you to different culture.  Nowhere is a strange place, it is just a new place for you to learn from.


– Pack whatever you need for a night’s stay in a backpack, in advance.  Stow away your luggage in the car. So you don’t have to trouble your guide or yourself with the luggage or huge backpack up and down the vehicle.
– It can get chilly in the desert. Bring a light jacket.
– Bring your flashlight for toilet visits at night in the desert. You wouldn’t want to wake the desert guys up.
– Mineral water for drinking and brushing your teeth.


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