The Valley


Onwards to our next abode, Xaluca Hotel, we passed by “sandcastles” (I nicknamed them cos they look like that from a distant).

The majestic rock formation in the valley was a sight to behold in comparison to the skyscrapers back home.


We were greeted by the sights of families having picnic, and others doing their laundry by the river.  Dad would probably have a dip.  Breathtaking.  I enjoyed the short walk. Much needed after the bumpy camel ride.

Our conversation in that ride was on our first desert experience.  How we couldn’t sleep cos of someone snoring away loudly. Haha.  After a week of spending time together, the three of us have bonded well.  It was like 3 friends on a road trip.  Be nice, be kind and be good.  And others would do the same.

“Came as travellers, leave as friends.” quoted from Said, my rather profound guide, my multi-linguistic teacher, a brother and a friend. 


My family stayed at Xaluca in their trip last year, which I persistently declined, to the disappointment of my nieces.  Travelling in big groups is just not for me.


Xaluca has an awesome view of the kasbah and villages.  We sat at the terrace enjoying every single sight we could capture.  I swore I could hear Said telling his friends at the nearby room,  “Apa khabar?” –  a new word Nihla and I taught him, which means “How are you?” in Malay.


Sunset has got to be my favourite time of the day.  A magnificent sight. A reminder that time will pass, wounds will heal, a new day will come.


For the first time in Morocco, we had a buffet style dinner.  Bumped into Hassan at the restaurant, who could only say to me “Hey Su! How are you?” He was obviously the joker amongst his friends!

I tucked in early that night and almost missing our morning prayers.  I felt refreshed but my body was aching slightly probably due to the long camel ride and lack of sleep the night before.  Need my caffeine booster.

Met Said at 10am.  I am glad he agreed to converse in simple Arabic with me instead of English.  We waited for the Spanish couple (Raoul and Mercedes) and Hassan who we would be travelling with.

Lessons in life come in different forms.  Unexpectedly, the subsequent destination brought about a deeper sense of spiritual reflection.


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