Onward to Ouarzazate

We continued our journey to Ouarzazate (war-za-zat).  In Berber language, it means “without noise”. We passed by more kasbahs, which looked like whimsical castles.


Opportunity for phototaking.


We stopped over at the Rose Valley.  It was a nice stroll, with Papa Raoul leading the way.  He picked roses for us.  The first and probably the last time a Spanish man gives me flowers! Hehe  Nihla and I are used to call him Papa Raoul, of course not in front of him!


I realised how I literally, have never stopped to smell the roses before. I almost forgot how fragrant roses are. I kept the rose that Raoul gave in my bag and it smells of yardley talcum powder!

With the jovial Mama Mercedes who only speaks Spanish, so Papa Raoul had to be our translator.


We stopped by for a meal break. Nihla and I bought drinks and junk food only. Raoul and Mercedes who had salad and Moroccan bread, invited us to share.  How can I not warm up to this sweet couple. Love seeing how they tease each other #lifegoals Hehe.

Riad Bouchedor our last accommodation in rusting living, away from the bustling city.  After checking in a few hotels, Nihla noticed that Said would always inspect our bed and bathroom. Haha.


Dinner was served at the hotel’s restaurant.
riad1I couldn’t sleep that night. Thinking of Aisyah and her children at the cave home. And I wasn’t ready to live this quiet place for the big cities.

Laila sa’idah. Good night.


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