Fortified City

12 May 2014, Monday

Endless horizon no more. The last day of peace and quiet.

Went down for breakfast alone while Nihla gets ready.  I needed the time to take it all in. It was sunny but appreciating every single second of it. Birds chirping, roosters crowing, lambs bleating. It can’t get anymore authentic than this.  Simplicity of life is divine. The riad was not grand, but I just love the hospitality. It felt homely.

Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, our next destination.  A distant view.ait5

It’s a compulsory visit in between sahara and Marrakech. This earthen clay architectural site is a popular location for many films such as my favourite movie, Kingdom of Heaven.  There are still a number of families staying in this fortified city.


Taking a shade from the harsh sun.


The local guide gave the tour in English and Spanish (for Raoul and Mercedes). We had great fun touring around with Papa Raoul and Mama Mercedes. They sure know how to pose for pictures!


A piece of art using tea, saffron and sugar.aitben1

From the peak, looking at the bridge where we crossed earlier.ait4

Ait Ben Haddou from the topait3

The alley in the ancient city.ait8

While gulping down Coke and Fanta lemon in the scorching weather.  An opportunity for Raoul to tell us more stories.  Mercedes said in Spanish, he loves history and talks a lot! Treated them to the drinks as a gratitude for this new friendship.ait9

What I respect most about Morocco is every single person I met, sings high praises of their beloved country. The government is also putting in a lots of efforts in restoration and conservation of ancient monuments and landmarks.  It is important to preserve the country’s heritage, the national treasure. Otherwise, generations to come would be clueless of the country’s beginning.

I can’t imagine Morocco without its stucco carvings, mosaics, marble pillars. I wish these could be the same for Singapore, though I could understand the reason of land scarcity.

– Comfortable shoes, good for walking
– Bring water to hydrate yourself (obvious tip)
– Prepare some tips for the guide. We usually would keep loose change and tips in another wallet for easy access.


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