The Goodbye

We then drove through the High Atlas mountains.  A local tried to guess where we were from. Two hijab girls – one tan, the other fair. The last guess was hilarious – Japanese! I got a lot of that too in Egypt. And another popular assumption, “Oh Singapore, in China.” Hahaha


How great is He and His creation. Sometimes it takes a journey, to remind you of this Divine existence.


“Have We not made the earth as a bed, and the mountains as pegs?”
Surah An-Naba’ (78, Verse 6 – 7)atlas4
I shuddered to think of how it would be if this giant creations crumble.


We stopped over a restaurant for lunch. We shared a table with Raoul and Mercedes. Struggled to converse with Mercedes in my zero knowledge of Spanish language.

I purchased argan oil at the shop next door. So sweet of all of them to wait for us. As Nihla and I were making our way to the car, Raoul came over to us and said (in his best attempt to speak in perfect English) “Girls, I don’t know if we will meet again…so, you know when you are ever in Spain, our home is open for you.” Ok, I have to say I almost teared.

“I give you my email address.” Raoul continued.  Mercedes reminded Raoul to give us their phone numbers. I didn’t think of giving mine as I thought, when will they ever come to faraway Singapore. But Raoul said “How about yours?” I happily gave of course.

Raoul extended a handshake, bidding goodbye. I asked for Mercedes (who disappeared within minutes,apparently to smoke). Raoul brought us to Mercedes and we exchanged hugs and kisses.

Raoul and Merces are heading to Marrakech but a different riad, hence the goodbye. I sure hope I will get to meet them in the future, in Zaragoza. That means a 3rd trip to Spain 🙂


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