Krabi, 22-25 April 2015


“I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone, because they reflect more.” – Thomas Jefferson

For this Krabi trip, I intentionally did not craft my usual comprehensive itinerary. I just wanted to pack and go with the flow! We were both looking forward to food feasting. It was meant to be our first trip together – me and Sis Izzah. We even splurge on a Anyavee Tubkaek Resort in Tubkaek, about half an hour drive from Aonang.

Anyavee Tubkaek

Well, HE had other plans. My travel partner fell terribly ill the night before. She couldn’t get out of bed. In the morning, it was too late to change to someone else’s name. Mum was not that independent to travel, so it was just me flying off to the island for the first time.


It was awkward initially, walking around aimlessly in Aonang in the late afternoon. After a while, I got used to it. I wished I had a “makan kaki” (dining companion?) to gobble down all the food I see on the menu.

I realised something in this solo trip.  The Caucasians seemed indifferent towards this solo traveller and would readily strike a conversation. My fellow Asians (ehem…especially from the same country) would give me a look like “Poor thing, Why is she here alone?” and “Oh no, fellow Singaporeans. sigh…”

One night, I went out to town in the resort’s shuttle with a Malay couple. I smiled at the wife but she chose not to acknowledge (or perhaps she didn’t really notice). I sat in the first row, minding my own business.  When we alighted, I actually stopped to smile again and wanted to wish them “have fun!” but again was ignored.

Past 9pm, we were supposed to gather at one spot. I arrived earlier so I took a seat at the bench by the roadside. Half an hour later, seeing this couple walking towards the spot, I made space so the wife could sit. But nope, she signalled to the husband to sit at the pavement.

I then allowed them to board the van first.
Husband: “Sit at the same place.”
Wife: “No I want to sit in front.”
Husband: “We were at the back.”
Wife: No, I want to sit in front.”

So of course, the husband gave in. It was awkward witnessing this. No good night, no smiles. Oh well….

So what did I do in Krabi?aonang1. Chilling and people watching at Aonang beach. Enjoying the breeze while munching on warm chocolate crispy pancake.


2. Fulfilled my cravings for Tom Yam (not spicy enough for me), Stir Fried Beef Basil, Mango Salad and refreshing cold coconut drink at Aonang.  The highlight of my food hunt was when my Muslim driver brought me to a mini food bazaar, away from the touristy area, to get my (CHEAP!) Padthai, Mango Sticky Rice and Fried Chicken Wings (tasted like home). Krabi3
3. Catch up on my reading while others were snorkelling during the island hopping. Great to see fellow solo travellers.



4. Took my time at breakfast. Stunning view!


5. Laze on the bean bag by Tubkaek beach for a good 4 hours. Reading, pondering, “listening” in to the serenity

6. Pampered myself to foot reflex on the last night at the resort’s spa. Awesome! No photo as I fell asleep!
7. Watched the beautiful sunset at Tubkaek beach just outside my villa


What did I learn from this short getaway?

We can plan a very detailed plan and what we deem as best, but if Allah decides otherwise, then His is the best plan. Though, it is hard to swallow and heartbreaking to face at times. Life is indeed full of surprises.

Perhaps this was the ME time I had been asking for since last year. An away time for time for myself with Him. I recited the Quran with much serenity and peace, without any distractions.

Would I return to Krabi alone? Nay….it would be more fun with Sis Izzah and other friends so that I can try out more activities like white water rafting, ride on the ATV and hunt for more food!

(By the way, I was the only Asian in the shuttle van to the meeting point for island hopping. The rest were all Spaniards! Freaky that I was just thinking that it’s almost a year ago that I left Spain. Of course, we clicked immediately!)


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