HE decides

Since last year, Nurul and I had planned for Uzbekistan 2016. Months back, we had submitted our passports for visa processing which would usually take a week or two. We were prepared for a last minute approval based on my friend’s experience.

No news till 2 days before our departure on 11 May so our agent suggested postponing to another week.

Midnight 17 May, we were told that they have not received the telex from Uzbek. Time for plan B – Bosnia.  18 May we were told that the land package is S$1800 and flight is $1900. Overpriced for a 7 full day trip.

7 days was too short for Morocco or Spain. Third option Frankfurt-Strasbourg-Amsterdam. Nurul had been to Frankfurt a few times so I didn’t mind. Nurul had been wanting to visit Strasbourg and me, Amsterdam. Craziest thing ever – Nurul booked the hotels, train and flight tickets on 18 May at night for the next day departure!

For a planner freak like me, I definitely freaked out…big time! The irony I’m a last minute packer but an advanced planner. This time it was the other way round.

So here we are in the train at Frankfurt on our second day, heading to Wiesbaden.



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