Food Odyssey 


With the RM rate going at RM3 against S$1, Johor Bahru (JB), the nearest Malaysian city, has been crowded with Singaporeans.

The record breaking journey I took via bus to JB including immigration clearance was 4 hours. In the past, it usually takes an hour or 1.5hours even on a weekend. I knew I had to take the train for the next trip instead of the bus. It’s only 5 minutes and immigration counters are only for the train commuters.  Plus point, the officers are more friendly 🙂

And so I did. I took leave on a weekday and bought return train tickets weeks in advance via . For weekend tickets, you probably need to book more than a month. We had to however change our e-ticket printout to the KTM stub. I didn’t quite understand but well, better than queuing up for hours.

10.05am arrived in JB. First foodie stop – Salahuddin Bakery, for cream horns! This bakery is located at Jalan Dhoby, the little India in JB.

When we arrived, there was already a queue for their curry puffs and buns, and other assorted breads! Even my cream horns were depleting fast.


We wanted to fill our empty tummies with chicken chop at IT Roo but it opens at noon on weekdays. So we walked back to Komtar for Thai food at the recently opened Boat Noodles. I’ve been to the one about half hour drive from immigration (see pic).

Thai Ice Tea was refreshing. The noodles, priced at RM1.90, was only 3 spoonfuls of course. Not a fan of their noodles. But their Basil Chicken with Rice is yum!

We went back to IT Roo…curious about this famous chicken chop. Service was pretty fast. Besides chicken cutlet and chicken chop, they serve local food fare like kaya toast, hor fun and fried rice. Hmmm the chicken cutlet was alright for me.

We had an awesome tea break and chat at Chaiwalla & Co.

The staff are friendly and helpful to this first timer. They have quite a good range of drinks and you can create your own concoction with preferred sugar level too. I enjoyed every sip of the hot Thai Tea.I’m in love with their simple clean logo and packaging!



We “tapau” (takeaway) Fat Boy Burger. Spent RM71 at this burger joint for 2 double beef burgers with beef strips and eggs. It’s worth paying that much cos it’s really one juicy beef patty. You can tell from the weight!

We are already planning to bring the nieces and nephews here to JB during the school holidays!

Took the 7pm train and arrive home at 7.30pm. 🙂 now I really hope flight to KL is cheap cos I’m yearning for some Tarbush!

*too lazy to add seekers odyssey trademark on JB photos.    


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