Pearl of the Orient – I

Been wanting to explore and discover the good food in Penang for the longest time. Trip to Penang with friends or families got cancelled and postponed a few times. So when I saw the air ticket was only S$60+ on Air Asia, I knew I had to grab it! Nearer to the trip, I was a bit nervous though. My ex GM assured me that I will be fine. So off I went on 26 April with just a backpack and with lots of tips from friends (including reminders – continue your zikir, don’t forget your Ayatul Kursi, etc)

I took the airport taxi to the hotel and was greeted with a Salam by the driver. “Seems like a great start to the trip, insyaAllah.” I thought to myself.

The Wembley, just across 1st Avenue Mall and Jen Hotel. I love the room and amenities. Prayer mat nicely hung at the wardrobe. Most importantly, clean and comfortable bed! Read my review on Tripadvisor.


After a short rest, I walked to Jalan Penang which took me about 15 minutes. First thing I see was the famous Chendol, judging from its long queue.



Next on my list is another must-go, Line Clear, for my Nasi Kandar. That was my late lunch and early dinner.


To me, it was just alright – rice with lots of gravy and dishes for you to choose from. Reminded me of Marhaba at Geylang where I can get equally awesome Indian rice with curry and teh tarik.


They insisted I posed for a photo with the huge fish heads!


I was down with flu so I decided to end the day early before the long day begins tomorrow. Treated myself to a good Thai foot reflexology at 1st Avenue Mall before a good night’s sleep.


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