Pearl of the Orient – II

Started off the day with a good breakfast at the hotel for only RM30. They even serve sushi for breakfast!

20170429_083012-001There are other far cheaper options but I decided to ride on the Hop On Hop Off bus to head to Penang Hill. A touristy thing to do huh? My friend who knows me well had warned me I’ll be bored up there. Yuppppp. I was. Went up in the funicular to a foggy view of Penang.



I had a good walk after that around Little India area and Chinatown. The highlight was Masjid Kapitan Keling. Unfortunately, no one at the counter bothered to share the history of the mosque with me. They allowed me to enter the men’s praying area, but inside I was told to leave.



I ventured a bit to see the famous street arts. I was really impressed! A policeman asked me while I was snapping a photo of a street art “Adik, gambar ni masuk majalah ya?”  (Sis, is this for a magazine?) I laughed and replied that it’s for my own magazine. He thought I was some photographer for a magazine. Thanks Fuji XT1 you make me look like a pro! Hahaha.


Desktop2.jpgI had to end my day earlier too as I was going to meet my friend, Sonia, whom I’ve not met for almost 10 years! We had an awesome dinner at Nurul Ikan Bakar and great catchup with her and her 2 heroes too. Skipping lunch was worth it!




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