Chapati vs Turkey

Trust me, it wasn’t as easy to plan for a family trip than with your friends!

I almost gave up, but at the same time, adamant that it must happen for my parents. Sort of a treat for them after the brother’s wedding. I had suggested the idea to my family since November 2017. It was only finalised in mid January 2018!

I am thankful I decided to engage an agency for a land tour. Something that I rarely do when I travel on my own. I was nervous about the whole trip – my parents’ health, the long flight, my dad’s first flight beyond Indonesia, the agent whom I’ve never met, and so many other issues. Even more nervous than travelling alone!

I prayed a lot the weeks before; for this trip to be a smooth journey for all of us, including the agent who will be with us throughout the trip.

The adventure started even before we flew off:

Thursday, 8 March, 6ish pm

Mum: I dunno what to cook for your packed lunch tomorrow (sighing).
Me: (lost) Huh? Why do I need to go to the office tomorrow?
Mum: You mean you are fasting? Or are you not working tomorrow?
Me: Nooooo. Why would I be working or fasting when we will all be in Turkey tomorrow? (Brother also wondering if mum was kidding).
Mum: Ya, but our flight will be tomorrow.
Me and Bro: Mum!
Me: It’s tonight! My friend is fetching us in 3hrs?
Mum: Huh? What?! I thought you said the night of Friday? I had plans to go out with your dad tomorrow, to eat ‘chapati’ before we leave. I would miss the food!
Me: Mum!!! Yes our flight is Friday past midnight. That means we have to be at airport tonight!

Frantic. Chaos. I was amused and more nervous than ever.

Bro: Where are you dad?
Dad: At coffeshop, drinking ‘teh tarik’.
Bro: Do you know when we are leaving for Turkey?
Dad: Ya, tomorrow night.
Bro: errrr…no dad, tonight. Tonight like in 3hrs’ time.
Dad: What?!! Ok ok I am coming back!

FYI our flight was scheduled on 9 March (Fri) at 12.05am; which means we will have to check in on Thursday night.

Lesson 1: Don’t tell your parents the flight details. Tell them the day and time you are leaving for the airport. Just that. 


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