Final Moments


After a quick rest, we head down to explore a bit of Casablanca.  Nihla wanted to try Paella and I, unknowingly, ordered shrimps.  Not really a big fan of them.


As we were eating and people-watching, I was also deep in thoughts about the 3 weeks away from home. Reflecting on the many lessons that He presented to me in the most beautiful ways, especially lessons on giving and rizq.

Timely to my thoughts, a man approached our table and looked at me. I couldn’t figure out what he was saying initially till he repeated “aqua”. I remembered crying in my heart, in nervousness and gratitude, as though He was telling me “Here’s your final test.” Somewhat shakened by my own thoughts, I poured water into my glass and gave it to him. Not wanting to look him in the eye, I continued talking to Nihla as though no stranger was there.

He finished the glass of water, then he walked away casually. He didn’t ask for money, he didn’t grab our food and belongings. He only asked for a glass of water. The old me would have probably ignored this stranger.

Never expect Thank You. Now I understood why, very clearly.

15 May 2015, Thursday


This is it. The last day of an amazing journey. What have I learnt? Put trust in Him. Allah ma’ana, daiman.

We’ve been blessed to meet wonderful and kind people like the Korean guys in Madrid, Hanna and Maryam in Granada, and in Morocco – Fathiah, our dearest brother, Said, Hassan, Raoul, Mercedes, Khalid and Saad.

I will never forget the joy and laughter Nihla and I shared. The giggles when people asked if we are from Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan (?!), Somalia, Ethiopia and never Singapore.

He is indeed the Best Planner. I couldn’t have asked for a more enriching, learning and somewhat emotionally sacred journey.

This journey reminded me of a Rumi’s quote “What you seek, is seeking you.”



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